Thomas J. Dawson, Jr.

Thomas is an accomplished musician, producer, composer, and film editor, who collaborates with some of the most successful artist in the music industry today.  His diverse talents as a keyboardist are only exceeded by his genius as a studio engineer who is at the forefront of music technology trends. Thomas has performed on stage with internationally renowned artists such as Kelly Rowland, Eric Benet, Howard Hewitt, and the Commodores. Thomas is the Commodores’ music director, lead keyboardist, and has co-produced many of their songs and CD’s for this legendary group.  His credits include projects with music icon Beyonce and J-Lo. Thomas has produced several projects of his own with the jazz group Finger Roll.  The first of these projects won the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Jazz Discovery competition.  

As computer technology has become more vital in every aspect of the music industry, Thomas has excelled as a consummate recording engineer.   His experience and training as a musician, combined with his knowledge of computer technology, has made him one of the most sought after studio engineers in the business.  He is independently scoring entire sound tracks for movie directors and expanding into mastering the integration of video and music production. Thomas’ reputation as a creative artist and versatile professional has also allowed him to transcend the boundaries of all music genres, including gospel music, by working with the acclaimed gospel group, The Winans.   

On stage, Thomas’ passion for music is heard in the rhythm of his work and seen in the eyes of audiences that marvel at his talent.  He has received a Gold Album for his work with Changing Faces and performed on other projects that have sold thousands of copies.   

Thomas has a passion for sharing his knowledge with others.  He  is currently   a professor of audio recording at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and also tours nationally as a guest lecturer at other universities. 

Thomas continues to thrive as an artist, producer, arranger and engineer in the dynamically changing entertainment industry.  His creative versatility, professionalism and character ensure that his success will be sustained for years to come.