John Redmon

 John Paul Redmon (also known both professionally and sentimentally as JRed) was born May 8, 1975 and is the founder, president and CEO of Reaching Records LLC — a transitional, inspirational, independent record label. Redmon is also an American inspirational artist, pianist, singer composer, arranger, motivational speaker, and humanitarian.John Redmon was born at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley, CA to Cynthia Mae Redmon and Lee Arnel Redmon on May 8, 1975. He was born a fraternal twin to Esther Redmon.Around age 3, mother, Cynthia recognized that young Redmon was drawn to music. Cynthia Redmon recounts: “Every time I turned on the radio and music would play, John would run to a piece of furniture and started banging on it like he was playing the piano. I said to myself, Lord, that boy wants to play!”

Mother, Cynthia Redmon, was an accomplished pianist that found joy playing for various church services and became young Redmon’s first piano teacher. “John was about 5 years old, and I would sit on the piano bench at church and sit him next to me. I would play a song with both hands on the piano, and John would play the melody of the song with one finger” states Ms. Redmon.

Ms. Redmon continues. “We couldn’t afford professional piano lessons for John until he was around 9 years old, so up to that point, I had to teach him everything I knew.”

Age 9, John took his first piano lesson at Golden Gate Academy, a private, Christian school where Redmon, his twin sister Esther and elder sister Mary attended for twelve years. His piano teachers from ages 9-12 were in fact the school’s music teachers. His piano teachers were Janice McRae (White), Bronwynn Watkins (Crutchfield) and Raymond Davis. Music mentors later included Teri L. Simmons and the late John Bowen.

By age 12, Redmon developed another passion…writing music. Recognizing this new desire, Redmon was not only being strongly encouraged by his mother and his piano instructors to play proficiently both by ear and sight, but also to compose his own original music.


Age 18, Redmon decided to not just compose but house his original works within his own independent record label. He named the company Reaching Records. The motto and mission of the label was to ‘reach and touch hearts around the world.’ For the next twenty years, Redmon produced and released multiple projects on this label that gained national attention and recognition, including: A Woman’s Journey (featuring Full Assurance with the “rousing opening cut” Praise the Lord!, Grammy Award Nominees Vickie Winans and Brenda Nicholas), John Redmon & Friends: Faith, Love and Unity, Vol 1 (Independent Music Award Nominated Album  featuring BeBe and CeCe Winans, Daniel Winans, Phil and Brenda Nicholas and Grammy Award winner Patti LaBelle), S’Agapo (“…a fantastic collection of R&B songs”) and Thank You Lord (Story of the Shunamite Woman) — his biggest and most successful/notable single release.

Feeling the winds of change and watching the effects of the current situation in the music industry, Redmon decided it was time for him to take a proactive and radical approach in the marketing of his label’s music. So in 2016, Redmon started his own marketing company Resurrection Marketing. The motto: “Bringing Your Business Back to Life.” With cutting edge graphic design for posters, CDs, DVDs, business cards, flyers, pamphlets, video editing, website builds and the intricate use of social media outlets for advertising, Redmon created an online presence to capture new audiences for live events and online customers.

Redmon has toured throughout the United States and England with his inspirational messages found in both word and song. He testifies and believes that his latter days are going to be greater than his past.