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Thomas J. Dawson, JR.
Owner / Engineer / Producer

Mountain Nest Recording Studios is Colorado’s premiere recording facility, specializing in every phase of music production from single-song arrangements to full album mastering. With our personal commitment to each note, using superior equipment, cutting edge technology, coupled with a team of award-winning industry professionals working tirelessly around the clock, we will create a high-end product that any client can be proud of. We are dedicated to turning your recording into a classic masterpiece that can be admired throughout the years and enjoyed in generations to come.

Song Production

Producer / Engineer

Programming / Live Tracking

Song Arrangements / Song Writing

Studio / Mixing / Mastering 


Label Services

CD Duplication / Graphic Design

Digital Distribution / Copyright

Music Publishing 

Mechanical Licensing


Marketing Services

Posters / T-shirts / Hats

Website Building, Hosting & Maintenance

Album Promo Video Ads



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We Create Memories

What do our clients have to say about their experiences at Mountain Nest Recording Studios?

I can’t speak highly enough of Thomas J Dawson Jr and the entire team at Mountain Nest Studios. The studio features all the finest, up to date equipment you need to create an amazing product. What sets this studio apart from the others is Thomas and his team. His attention to detail, amazing skill set, and world class abilities, are only surpassed by his gracious heart and genuine kindness. He and his team will go the extra mile for you, the customer, to ensure your vision is brought to life. You come to Mountain Nest Studio as a client and leave a member of the family.

Steve Wilson

My musicians and I had the very wonderful experience of recording our CD at Thomas Dawson’s studio and I cannot wait to have another chance to do so again.  He has created an utterly unique atmosphere of comfort and ease within state of the art technology and engineering. If ever we lacked for inspiration we just had to look outside any one of the many windows to the vistas of the plains one way and the great Rocky Mountains out the other.  I know that the outcome was the best possible because particularly imbued with Thomas’ infectious joy and enthusiasm, his studio allows for that.

Linda Purl

Thomas Dawson has created a wonderful state-of-the-art haven in Mountain Nest Studios to serve your recording needs. His extraordinary technological savvy along with incredible ears and outstanding musicianship all combine to create a comfortable place at which to record your project. His commitment to excellence is only surpassed by his warm and generous spirit, of which there is no shortage. I highly recommend Mountain Nest Studios!

Ivan Griffin

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